Yellowbellies at Los Pinos Rugby Club, Buenos Aires

Pre game Drinks

Yellowbellies in action vs Pivetes XV, Buenos Aires.

Post match Drinks!

The Feast is cooking!

Yellowbellies in Buenos Aires.

Yellowbellies and Rio Relics, Rio de Janeiro.

Fearsome Yellowbellies Haka in Brazil.

Yellowbellies in action vs Rio Relics.

More action from Rio game.

Thank God that's finished, where's the beer???

Copacabana Beach from hotel room.

View from Sugarloaf Cablecar.

Brave Yellowbellies at Sugarloaf Peak.

Yellowbellies and Favela kids on Copacabana Beach.

Was a BIG night!!

Four for NZ$7.00. Too good to miss!!

Dinner in Peru!

Pick the Yellowbelly!!