2018 Yellowbellies Tour

The 2018 Yellowbellies tour is as follows:

Wed Oct 3rd      Fly to Auck to Buenos Aires

Thur Oct 4th      Tour of B/Aires. Night free

Fri Oct 5th          Free day in B/Aires

Sat Oct 6th         Pre game drinks at rugby club, then AB's vs Argentina game

Sun Oct 7th        Yellowbellies game

Mon Oct 8th        Fly to Iguazu

Tues Oct 9th       Organised tour of Iguazu Falls etc

Wed Oct 10th      Organised tours around Iguazu

Thur Oct 11th      Fly to Rio, Brazil

Fri Oct 12th         Organised tours around Rio

Sat Oct 13th       Yellowbellies game

Sun Oct 14th      Free day in Rio

Mon Oct 15th     Free day in Rio

Tues Oct 16th    Fly to Lima, Peru

Wed Oct 17th     Organised tour of Lima

Thur Oct 18th     Fly to Cuzco, free afternoon

Fri Oct 19th        Train to Aguas Calientes

Sat Oct 20th       Early morning to Macchu Pichu, afternoon back to Cuzco

Sun Oct 21st      Organised tour in and around Cuzco

Mon Oct 22nd    Flight back to Buenos Aires via Lima

Tues Oct 23rd    Day trip to Uruguay

Wed Oct 24th     Free day before late night flight back to Auck

Fri Oct 26th        Arrive early morning back in Auck