Yellowbellies plane to Singapore

Enjoying a beer at Hard Rock Cafe, Malacca

Yellowbellies on attack!

Yellowbellies and Kuala Lumpur team after game.

Brian and Rhonda looking flushed!

The traditional after match boat race.

Get set, GO!!

Yellowbellies drinking coke???

Tiger and Mikkelson??

Arriving at Le Roi Hotel in Delhi

Rooftop view of our street in Delhi

Yellowbellies at Taj Mahal.

Frits and Jude at Taj Mahal

Formal dinner at our hotel in Jaipur

"High on a hill is a lonely goatherd"

Elaphant ride to mountain fort in Jaipur.

Traditional bus ride in India

From Russia with Love.

Some Yellowbellies off course at Gallipoli.

Where's Helen of Troy?