Meet and Greet at Brutal's place.

Official game score!!

Yellowbellies and Darwin Stray Cats

Guess who's in trouble again!

Yellowbellies Haka.

Nice welcome at Satriya Cottages in Kuta, Bali.

Yellowbellies on attack in Bali.

Typical Yellowbellies "never say die" attitude.

Yellowbellies and Bali Chillies.

Difficult decision so how about all three!!

Very Happy Yellowbellies!

Can take a lot of this!!

Very unlikely!!

Stu's new pet.

We've lost our boat!!

The "Mummy".

"Sumo" and "Superman".

"Vicar" and the "Nun".

Alcoholic Alan, Sharon Star, Jungle Judy, Grant Gecko and Ash Anchorman.

Quiz winners!!