Yellowbellies at Auckland Airport Sept 1989.


Jude with guess who at Dole Pineapple Plantation, Hawaii

Alan Raitt winning the ball for the Yellowbellies vs Hawaiin Harlequins.

Yep! Ray used to like a beer.

A few quiets after a day at Disneyland.

Opening March at Toronto

Yellowbellies playing Hamilton Hornets from Toronto area.

As usual, a Yellowbelly supplying the music!

Not sure who is picking up who?

Yellowbellies and MARS (middle aged rugby side) from Philadelphia

Egg smashing competition, messy business!

Best and cheapest team uniform at Toronto Final Night.

Pete and Frits with Nigel and Billy from Hamilton Hornets.

It was a big night but not letting go of this beer, just in case!

These Mounties had no sense of humour.

A few of us left in McDini's Bar, San Diego.

On the way home. Davey Jones Locker, Hawaii.