Europe 2009

Ash sweltering on the Creek in Dubai.

Mark's found some shade.

Dubai from the Creek

Smokers lounge in Dubai

Yellowbellies and Munich team

Salzburg, Austria. Sept 2009

Any damn handle will do!

Tucky at 1st five against Prague

Great minds think alike.

Tasting good after Prague match

Frits and Andrej after Prague game

Lou in fine voice after Prague game.

Found a new recruit!

Dream on!!

Santorini, Greek Isles

Norm in action against Athens team.

Acropolis, Athens

Geez, it's hot! Whose idea was this?

Colourful Cairo clubrooms

The Parks, Cairo

Singing again!

Yellowbelly Arabs

I can touch the top!

Frits and Lou in full costume on the Nile

Lou and Mark relaxing on the Nile

The Captain's joining in!

A Nile sunset