Asia 2011

Hell! That's cheap!

Yellowbellies before Phuket Youth Development game.

Where's the bloody ball!

Yellowbellies and Phuket Youth Development side.

Sapa, North Vietnam rice paddies.

More rice paddies.

Sapa Township

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Lance and Gina on the Junk at Halong Bay

Yellowbellies in cave at Halong Bay.

Mark, Gibby and Romana at Halong Bay

Sunset at Halong Bay.

Derek taking the ball up with Gina in support

Yellowbellies and Hanoi Dragons May 2011

Paul and Norm at Hanoi aftermatch function.

Jack saying "this is all mine!"

Welcome to Cambodia.

Lou enjoying the air conditioning

Moderm public transport in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Fish massage and cold beer! Bloody great!

What? $5 a jug!! I'll have three!

Yellowbellies at Angkor Wat, Cambodia